Comedy Club Kitchen
Provides competitively priced pre-show meals at your table in the Comedy Club. No need to move, just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Our Kitchen Menu is available before the show. Our Dinner Tickets includes any burger, hot dog or main from the Comedy Club Kitchen menu plus a seat at our stand-up show (for other restaurant options see below).
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Burgers Served with fries and slaw

- Classic Beef Burger
          Beef burger, tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato
- Classic Chicken Burger
          Chicken strips, ranch sauce, lettuce, tomato
Add two of the toppings below to your classic burger below for free!

- Rodeo
           Beef burger, cheese, onion rings, BBQ sauce.
- Falafel Burger with tomato chutney (V+)
Additional toppings £1: Cheese, Bacon, Onion Rings, Fried Onion, Fried Mushroom.

Hot Dogs Served with fries and slaw
- Classic Hot Dog
          Frankfurter dog, fried onions, ketchup, mustard
- Chilli Dog
          Frankfurter dogs, chilli
- Chilli con carne with rice (GF)
- 3 Bean Chilli with rice (V+, GF)
          Kidney, Pinto and Cannellini beans
          Cheesy mashed potato
- Fish and chips (GF)
          Mushy peas, dill aioli
- Hunters Chicken
          Chicken breast topped with Bacon and Cheese smothered with                  BBQ sauce, served with chips and slaw (GF)
- Halloumi or Chicken Caesar Salad served with croutons (GF, V)
To Book a Table at any of the other Rotunda restaurants
La Rotunda or Mezze - Please Click Here


Please note: Dinner and Comedy Tickets are offered exclusively for our Comedy Club Kitchen above


La Rotunda on the Ground floor  is our contemporary Italian restaurant  where you can enjoy freshly made Italian food accompanied by a superb selection of drinks (especially our wine) in relaxed surroundings.


Click HERE to check out the La Rotunda pre-concert menu.
Mezze is a relaxed Mediterranean rooftop restaurant and bar serving exciting mezze-style small plates cooked on our chargrill. Our menu includes lip-smackingly fresh Scottish seafood dishes, daily market specials, melt-in-your-mouth chargrilled meats and kebabs that are cooked fresh using local ingredients.
Click HERE to check out the Mezze pre-concert menu

For all enquiries please email: info@RotundaComedy.Club

Management reserve the right to eject or refuse entry, especially to disruptive or inebriated individuals.

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