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The Glasgow Comedy Gong Show

The Romans loved the Colosseum... Glaswegians loved The Empire. Join us as we merge them together for the best value, most entertaining, most brutal comedy show in Scotland.

Since our opening 6 months ago hundreds of comedians have asked to perform at Scotland's Biggest Comedy Club. But... we only allow the funniest acts, award winning acts, our favourite acts to grace the Rotunda Comedy Club stage on Fridays & Saturdays.

Every Bank Holiday Sunday we now have the Rotunda Gong Show, where we give eager 30 comedians a guaranteed 2 minutes, up to maximum 5 minutes on stage. However if they are pish then the audience get to gong them off.

It's like the best and worst bits of Britain's Got Talent meets Gladiator.

Tickets cost £5 or £14 for meal and show.

Book Tickets at:

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